This cemetery contains 112 named Commonwealth burials (95 from the UK, 9 from Canada, 6 Australians, 1 New Zealander and 1 South African). In addition there are another 6 "Known Unto God".

Cambrai was occupied by the Germans on the 26th August 1914 and in spite of the early British successes in the Battle of Cambrai 1917, it was not recaptured until the 8th October 1918.

The Cemetery contains just 1 soldier of the Cheshire Regiment, who either was killed in action during the Battle for La Bassée or just prior to the First Battle for Ypres! (see below)

1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment
Officers, N.C.O.s and Men of the 1st Battalion, Buried in Porte-de-Paris Cemetery, Cambrai

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Private E J Conway (circa. 1905)
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Private 10401 Wilfred WRIGHT

Date of Death:
22 October 1914 or
4 November 1914 (Killed in Action)
Grave No:
22 or 24
Personal History:
According to the SDGW database Wilfred was born in Kelsall, Chester, and at the time of his death was resident in Barrow, Chester. However, the 1901 Census shows two Wilfred Wrights, but both born in Kelsall. One is the fifth child - of six - of Alfred (a Farmer) and Ann Wright, born in 1890. (1901 Census RG 13/3366) The other (born 1892) is the eldest son (of two) of John (a Carter) and Annie. (1901 Census RG 13/3366)

Without more information it is impossible to be more specific.

Military History:
Currently his Army records are unavailable and were probably destroyed in Second World War bombing.  All that is known is that he enlisted at Chester. His Medal Index Card shows that he entered France on 16th August 1914 and was killed in action on 22nd October 1914 - which is the date given in the SDGW database.  However, his CWGC records states he was killed on 4th November, the date confirmed by his gravestone.

If the first date is correct he was one of 53 (54?) killed on the last day of the Battle to take La Bassée, centred on Voilaines. Most of those casualties have no known grave and are commemorated on the Le Touret memorial.

Most likely the 4th November is the correct date, but on that date the Battalion were in reserve south of Dranoutre and no casualties were reported in the War Diary. Not until the commencement of the First Battle of Ypres did the Battalion suffer more deaths in action.

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